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Safety Solutions Africa provides a wide range of services to businesses that are committed to correct health and safety compliance. By reviewing each client’s risk profile and other elements that impact upon their business, Safety Solutions Africa is able to create and implement a tailor-made health and safety solution that safeguards clients, their staff and the general public from health and safety risks in the workplace.

We offer our services to every sector of industry from small businesses to large corporations, from small offices to huge factories, from farms to property groups as well as construction.

  • LegislativeCompliance documentation eg Safety files
  • On-Site StaffRepresentation on site
  • AssetsRisk Management
  • Consulting On/Off-SiteInspections and Audits
  • InsuranceCompliance
  • TrainingOn and off site staff training
  • EnvironmentalCompliance
  • Business CoachingFranchise will have access to a business coach
  • GovernmentLegislation and Environmental
  • BusinessCompliance
  • IndividualCompliance
  • InsuranceRisk, Claims and Investigations

OHS Management Systems including Safety File

We provide comprehensive assistance in implementing OHS Management Systems, including the mandatory Safety File, to ensuring your business is compliant with South African Labour Law.


Safety Compliance

We supply all necessary documentation pertaining to the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We offer guidance to each client in terms of health and safety matters that need to be addressed at site level.


Risk Management

We provide practical risk review and management targeted at specific industries and careers, providing businesses with a safer working environment that complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Risk Assessments

We offer comprehensive risk assessment services to assist clients in ensuring their business complies with South African Labour Law.


Health and Safety Projects

We provide a comprehensive service to support clients in effectively managing all aspects of their Health and Safety projects..


Audits and Reporting

We offer a comprehensive service for clients to easily handle their occupational health and safety reporting and audits (monthly/quarterly) in compliance with South African Labour Law.


Insurance Audit

We work with your insurance advisor to decrease broker liability and protect clients against the loss of assets, ensuring that the proper health and safety protocols are in place, that ultimately facilitate the payment of insurance claims.


Incident and Accident Investigations

We provide professional assistance to clients in conducting incident and accident investigations that comply with South African Labour Law.


Certificates of Compliance

We provide assistance to our clients in obtaining Certificates of Compliance in accordance with South African Labour Law.


Employee Medicals

We provide employee medicals as mandated by insurance companies and the Department of Labour in South Africa.


Domestic Employees

We offer a service to help clients understand and comply with the working and safety regulations set forth by the Department of Labour in South Africa, when hiring domestic workers.


Supplier of Safety Equipment

We provide regulatory health and safety signage, PPE clothing and fire equipment to our clients. By having safety signage present and visible creates an awareness of the risks employees or clients could face within the working environment.


Training & Education

We offer accredited health and safety courses, adapted to give training to your employees to effectively manage your Occupational Health & Safety requirements for your particular circumstances.


Facilitation and Seminars

We provide a facilitation service between our clients and the Department of Labour. Aligned to this facilitation process, we also offer our clients Legal Liability seminars.

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